Bus repair service

MARTEX company offer you comprehensive and reliable bus repair services. Our service centre uses only highest quality materials. We make sure that our staff is professionally trained, experienced and acquanted with the latest technology solutions. Our team specialists often participate in training courses which are all confirmed by certificates. Owing to this you can rest assured that all repair services which we provide are characterised by the best quality.

Our service spots are all equipped with latest technology devices and equipment – serviced and checked regularly and, when necessary, replaced by the new one.


Our specialists perform various repair services for buses such as:

  • Body repairs,
  • After accident repairs,
  • Body paint repairs,
  • Mechanical repairs,
  • Upholstery.

MARTEX company service centre has its own, most modern spray paint chamber.


We protect the transport of damaged vehicles and we create preliminary price calculations based on the description and photos.

Thanks to such highly advanced capabilities of our people and modern bus-service, we offer professional coach repairs. We guarantee that your bus will stand out on the route.

We get rid of damages in a non-cash manner with all insurance companies and as the only company in the country we provide a coach as a replacement vehicle, for the time of damage removal.

If you have any problem with the bus, our team of experts will solve it. We make sure that our and your buses get the best repair and service treatment. We invite you to call us, E-mail us, or visit us in Opole where you can leave your bus and rest assured that every problem will be eliminated by professionals. Our bus service centre is one of a kind in our region.



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